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Delicious, All Natural, Gluten-Free Fudge

Welcome to Offenbacher Fudge

The Holidays Have Never Tasted This Good!  Fudge is a holiday tradition, but the delicious confections of Offenbacher Gourmet Fudge are anything but traditional.  Based on an ages-old family recipe, this hand-crafted fudge enjoys a fresh contemporary makeover with such exciting new flavors as Mango, Kahlua Coffee and Raspberry.  Of course, for die-hard traditionals, Offenbacher offers its Original Recipe as well as Peanut Butter, and if you're looking for the perfect way to ring in the New Year, there's nothing better than Offenbacher's elegant Champagne fudge.

What's even better is that all this good taste is also doing good - for every box of fudge you purchase, Offenbacher Gourmet Fudge will donate a portion of proceeds to feed under-privileged, deserving Texas families.  So you won't just be enjoying the best fudge that Texas has to offer; you'll be sharing the love with someone else!

Learn more about what makes Offenbacher Gourmet Fudge unlike any other; once you try it, you'll be hooked!  Visit us at or email or call (281) 849-1498.

-Kelly Dixon, Founder and Chocolate Lover

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